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Our Moxie Tale

Jackie Corney, Founder of Moxie Tales


Moxie (noun)-Force of character, determination, or nerve


Moxie Tales, a fashion storytelling company, was founded in 2019 to combine my lifelong passions for connection, storytelling, fashion, change & purpose. Through a series of interesting events that occurred between 2017-2019 personally and professionally, I found myself in the midst of fashion, copywriting, charitable organizations, family addiction recovery, and storytelling. These seismic, life altering events led me to pursue my true purpose. 


I believe that every day when you get dressed, you are telling a story. What story are you currently telling? What story do you want to tell? Most importantly, are you open, vulnerable, and ready to tell your new story?


Moxie Tales’ company mission is to help you tell, build, and deliver moxie to YOUR story. Our growing collection of carefully curated accessories were handpicked and designed with YOU in mind. 


“Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!”

Ms. Frizzle, The Magic School Bus

Founder Jackie Corney
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