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Necklace Theory: Debunked

A blond woman wearing many statement necklaces
Necklace Theory Debunked


While a Tik Tokker predicted that necklaces would vanish from the Fall Runways, we at Moxie Tales know that statement jewelry is timeless. With #necklacetheory garnering 680,000 views, she was convinced that necklaces would be absent from the runways this fall. Click below to read the fall Harper's Bazaar article detailing how things actually played out. Unsurprisingly, the fashion houses have caught up with us! #moxiegirls


A blond woman wearing a grey sweatshirt and big statement necklace with Briley King hat
Stunning Soul Revival Necklace

Our exquisite one of a kind necklaces are designed with unparalleled craftsmanship. Each piece tells a unique story and mesmerizes with its artistic details. Debunk Necklace Theory. Shop our collection today.


A white woman's hand is on her knee. She has light blue nail polish and a gold statement bracelet on.
Turn of the Century Statement Bracelet

Elevate your look with our stunning bracelets that demand attention. They can be worn alone or stacked with old and new bangles and baubles.


We're ecstatic to see that the big fashion houses have finally caught up with us and brought back statement jewelry and brooches for this fall season. At Moxie Tales, we've been championing unique and bold accessories since day one. Our collection is a testament to our belief that individuality should always take center stage.


Necklace Theory Debunked

Why Choose Moxie Tales?

Moxie Tales is not just another jewelry store. Click article below to learn more about our "why".

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