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Stay Gold

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Dear Business, 

I have loved you from the time you were born 5 years ago. I chose you, but you also chose me. Together we have traveled over 50,000 miles together. On our journey, we have witnessed some incredible sunrises and sunsets, while simultaneously having the privilege of sharing the joy and excitement of father/son outings, date nights, family vacations, and so much more. 

All I have ever wanted was to “STAY GOLD” and you have always helped me do this. I have always tried to drive, to dream, to do and to STAY while always moving toward something that hasn’t been figured out yet. The GOLD. STAY has suddenly morphed from a figurative meaning to a literal meaning. I could never have been prepared for this. One of the myriad of reasons I chose you was because people will always need a ride to the airport, restaurant, or special event, right? This is of course an essential need just like haircuts or dental care? As many small businesses have learned overnight, we are not essential…not now at least.

As the unofficial start of summer creeps up on us, I obey, I pray, and I stay. Waiting for the GOLD. 

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