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We Need to Flip the Ations

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Yes, indeed, China was the tip of the iceberg that sparked the chain of events that is melting our previous way of living. The Chindeed. What now? I have some thoughts....

We need regeneration, not incineration.

We need incarceration (violent criminals), not abrogation.

We need demonstration, not decimation.

We need cooperation, not alienation.

We need education, not postulation.

We need aspiration, not inundation.

We need evaluation, not saturation.

We need determination, not resignation.

We need navigation, not stagnation.

We need manifestation, not dissimulation.

We need illumination, not isolation.

We need cogitation, not oscillation.

We need actuation, not rumination.

Without permeation of peace, order, respect and a healthy dose of reality, we will continue to experience disintegration and termination. City by city. State by state. Nation by nation.

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