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Wait 48

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

A woman, Lisa Moler, in a red blazer and white tee shirt

On May 31, I had the pleasure of being a guest on Lisa Moler’s “Just Go F Yourself Podcast”. Lisa’s podcast is all about forgiveness and letting go of emotions that do not serve you.

Lisa is an author, founder, advocate, podcast host, entrepreneur, & GAME CHANGER who has conducted interviews with iconic public figures such as Shaquille O’Neal, Tony Robbins, Simon Sinek, and Dr. Oz, to name a few.

Are you holding onto things that really had nothing to do with you, but you've blamed yourself for anyway?

Well, Lisa has a message for you...


Lisa and I connected via Moxie Tales around the time my nephew, NYPD Officer Colin Patrick Rossiter, died by suicide. Lisa was interested in a stunning butterfly necklace and I was ruminating heavy thoughts of grief and guilt. I knew Colin had experienced life changing trauma in Coney Island in the fall of 2022…why wasn’t I texting him or calling him or writing him notes? I said the words over and over again…”I will never forgive myself”, “Why didn’t I shoot him texts”, “I know better”, etc…all the after the facts phrases I suppose people say after a loved ones suicide.

We were grateful to see him on Thanksgiving when he was on leave after the shooting. We laughed and joked and had wonderful family time. When I look back at all the pictures, even when he was in the background, he was smiling ear to ear-an infectious smile that lit up every room and made others feel at ease.

Making others feel at ease with her infectious laugh and smile is also one of Lisa Moler's super powers…In Episode 102 of the “Just Go F Yourself Podcast” titled “Wait 48”, we navigate through various topics including the power of fashion and color, addiction and recovery, and the “Wait 48” method, which can change relational dysfunction by simply waiting 48 hours before responding when you feeling triggered.

Click below to listen now:

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