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Inspiring Conversations with Jackie Corney of Moxie Tales

Today we’d like to introduce you to Jackie Corney. She and her team shared their story with us below:

Jackie is the Founder of Moxie Tales, a fashion + storytelling company conceived in 2019 and birthed in 2020.

Jackie is a wife and mom of 4 children. Prior to Moxie Tales, Jackie was a chauffeur to high-end clients in North San Diego County, an ombudsman with San Diego County Health and Human Services, an early employee at a San Diego fashion startup, and had a career on Wall Street in numerous roles.

I’m sure it wasn’t obstacle-free, but would you say the journey has been fairly smooth so far? Heck no! The name Moxie Tales was actually conceived in 2019 shortly after meeting with Ryan Berman, author of Return on Courage. As strange as it sounds, I had the name before the actual business. I had this really big vision and was literally all over the place…my brain and ideas were like confetti pieces floating around in the middle of a parade. Ryan helped me get the pieces together, so I had a starting point. He said, “The kite is flying you; you are not flying the kite.”

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